Oscar Howe Community Celebration Grant

Oscar Howe Community Celebration Grants support opportunities for public engagement with and community access to the artistic legacy of Yanktonai Dakota artist Oscar Howe.  

Organizations can request up to $2,500.00 for funds to be utilized in a 1:1 match for their project.  Organizational match can be accomplished through other grant funds, donations, staff time, volunteer time, and in-kind donations. Limit one grant project per organization.

Eligible Organizations: 
Schools (Private and Public) 
Institutions of Higher Education 
Non-profit organizations (arts, culture, libraries, religious, etc.) 
Units of state or local government 
Federally recognized tribal governments 
Tribal organizations 
South Dakota entities will be prioritized, but organizations within North Dakota, Western Minnesota, North-western Iowa, and Northern Nebraska will be considered. 

Ineligible (Cannot Apply): 
Partner organizations cannot seek funding for the same project 
Organizations cannot seek funding to match an existing/upcoming grant 
For-profit organizations 
Limit one Celebration grant per organization.

Deadlines: Rolling application deadline. Application must be received 8 weeks prior to activity/event. Grant activity must take place after June 10 and prior to September 17, 2023. Grant report is due 30 days following completion of activity.

Nondiscrimination: The South Dakota Art Museum complies with all local, state and federal laws and regulations concerning civil and human rights and must ensure that its programs, employment practices and grants are free of any discrimination based on race, color, national origin, disability, sex, or age. Any project receiving SDAM funding must comply with all applicable local, state, and federal laws. 

What CANNOT be funded by this grant: 
-Programs/activities commencing before June 10 or after September 17, 2023
-Direct aid to individuals, including scholarships or fellowships
-Basic operating expenses such as rent, utilities, and staff time
-Costs of fundraising benefits
-Cash prizes and awards
-Tickets to art events
-Transportation of audiences to projects
-Projects for school, college, or university course credit
-Capital improvements, permanent acquisitions, non-expendable supplies or equipment (for example: land, printers, renovations, building supplies, and musical instruments)
-Commissions and acquisitions of permanent works in the visual arts for private collections (public art may be considered) 
-Historic re-enactments
-Investments or contingency funding
-Alcohol or bartending services

Note: There is a limited funding pool, and this grant application will close when funds are no longer available. Applications not meeting the eligibility criteria will not be reviewed. 
If you have questions, please contact Abigail Ramsbottom at abigail.ramsbottom@sdstate.edu or (605)688-6981.
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